We believe effective leadership is the key to your success.

Leaders play a pivotal role in implementing corporate strategy and culture. Effective leadership development is essential for the success of any organisation.

Leaders make a dramatic difference to the performance of your business.

They execute strategy, drive culture, influence staff, engage customers, manage performance, and make decisions that impact every aspect of your success.

Great leaders inspire discretionary effort, which means they inspire people to contribute more.

Imagine a workforce contributing ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and extra effort. Imagine people that stay back to finish something because they know it’s important.

People that go the extra mile. Sales staff that try harder to understand and help customers. Administration or Accounting staff that focus more to make sure they are accurate. Manufacturing staff that work harder to make sure things are done properly and targets are achieved.

That’s discretionary effort and it’s created by great leaders.

This type of leadership is rare because it requires excellent people skills and most leaders have learned their craft and earned their position through their technical skills. As a result too many leaders instruct instead of engaging, talk instead of listening, or tell instead of asking.

Great leaders listen, understand, and know how to motivate, inspire in a way that generates discretionary effort.

The great news is that these skills can be learned. While some leaders are born and naturally inspire people most need to learn the attitudes and behaviours of great leaders.

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Our Approach

The objective of any leadership development program is to change the behaviour of leaders so they interact differently and inspire their people. To achieve this most programs teach skills however we’ve learned this is a mistake.

The statistics on skills based leadership development programs are damning. Less than 10% of the skills taught are applied.

It takes a different approach to create great leaders. It’s not a matter of learning a few skills. A deeper level of transformation is needed.

Behaviour is driven by attitude, beliefs and identity so new skills won’t be applied unless there is a shift in the attitude, beliefs and identity that drives those behaviours.

To achieve this level of transformation we get to know you and your participants and build each leadership program to meet your specific needs. We blend experiential activities with sound leadership theory so people have time to reflect at a deeper level. We prioritise things like your outcomes and the attitudes, beliefs, and mindsets of participants over strict adherence to a jam packed agenda.

We know a deeper level of transformation is needed and this takes, patience, commitment and a safe learning environment.

What you need to know

As with everything else it takes a partnership to develop great leaders. The more senior leaders play a pivotal role in the effectiveness of any program. Their conversations with participants before and after a workshop are critical for the effective implementation of leadership attitudes, behaviours, and skills. One study in the US even suggested they contribute as much as 75% of the outcome.

To get the most out of any leadership development program we partner with you to design a program that will challenge the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs of your leaders in order to create a deeper level of transformation.

Effective leadership development is not achieved through a workshop here and there, it’s achieved through an integrated program that includes opportunities for implementation, practice, reviews and re-learning.

Great leaders create a healthy and productive organisation. A small investment in leadership development can reap huge rewards in productivity and efficiency and massive reductions in the costs associated with low morale like absenteeism and turnover.

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