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Are you guilty of cultural insanity?

Instead of building a great culture you may be making the mistakes that almost guarantee mediocrity.

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Cultural Insanity

The roadmap to great organisational culture

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Ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things when they are part of a great team or culture.

“Great discoveries and achievements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds.”
— Alexander Graham Bell

Cultural Transformation

Align your culture to a compelling purpose and engage with people in a way you never thought possible. Find out more about our A.D.A.P.T. process.

Leadership Development

Develop leaders to inspire contribution, commitment and leadership in others. It’s achieved through a deeper level of transformation.

Team Development

Effective teams are the lifeblood of any organisation. Give your team the opportunity to achieve their best through our tailored approach.

Case Studies

In almost thirty years Team Focus has worked with a wide range of companies. Their stories are inspirational.

What They’re Saying

“I’ve engaged Team Focus in my previous role as CEO at Bacardi Lion and my current role. They have always understood our needs and delivered great results. We are currently enjoying market leading growth in part because we have developed Leaders that are creating leadership.”

Colin Rochester, CEOWilliam Grant & Sons

“Team Focus worked with us to design and deliver a culture change program that made a significant change in our operations, and ultimately health and wellbeing. Their practical and down to earth approach was particularly valuable for our Prison Officers.”

Patrick McCormick, General ManagerHopkins Correctional Centre

“We have engaged Team Focus as our “Culture Coach” to help align culture to an ambitious strategy. They have helped develop our leadership team and coached our leaders to drive the required changes in culture. Their pragmatic approach has helped us achieve great results.”

Peter Moeller, EGMViridian Glass CSR

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