Culture is the engine room of your organisation.

It influences the attitudes, mindsets, and actions of your people. Creating a great organisational culture is essential if you want to achieve something different, unique, and amazing.

Culture influences every aspect of your organisation. It has more impact on your people than you, your leaders, training programs, even your systems.

People want to be part of a great company culture. It’s something we all crave. We are gregarious creatures that need social interaction to survive and positive social interaction to thrive. Even your most jaded and cynical employee secretly wants to be part of a great culture.

Culture is a sleeping giant. It’s an aspect of your organisation with amazing untapped potential. Do you really know what your company is capable of if it had a great culture? In 1992 Kotter and Heskett compared adaptive and constructive cultures with non-adaptive and defensive cultures. The defensive cultures achieved only 1% improvement in net incomes while the constructive cultures achieved a whopping 756%! The defensive cultures achieved a 166% increase in revenue, while the constructive cultures achieved 682%.
(Source – Corporate Culture and Performance – Kotter J.P. and Heskett J.L. – 1992)

These numbers are startling. Do you really know what your company is capable of if it had a great culture?

These statistics also don’t take into account the personal and social benefits of a great culture. We know that lives will change if you create a positive, supportive, and constructive culture.

The first steps are easy. Download our free “A.D.A.P.T. your culture” PDF. It outlines our A.D.A.P.T. process that’s designed to keep it simple and support you in creating an amazing culture.

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Our Approach

We follow two principles. “Keep it simple” and “engage your people.” We’ve learned that creating a great culture is only possible if people are engaged and understand the process.

It starts with Purpose. People will be engaged in conversations about Why we exist, What we want to achieve, and the culture we will need to achieve it. These conversations are facilitated, preferably by you, so everyone has a voice and is heard in the process.

We are your partner. We know you need to do as much of the process as possible so we are there to guide, facilitate, coach, support, challenge, and even sustain you through the transformation.

We are also there to give you an external perspective. It’s almost impossible to create a new and exciting culture when you are part of the current culture. Your attitudes, mindsets, and behaviours are influenced by the culture so an external perspective from a trusted partner is essential.

What you need to know

You and your Leadership Team are best equipped to create a new culture. We provide support but it’s your culture and your opportunity.

Amazing results are achieved by engaging your people in the discussion. Facilitation is a core skill as there are conversations designed to align culture with purpose and engage people in consciously choosing a target culture to achieve the purpose.

Engagement is also a fantastic benefit of the process. Create a new and compelling culture with your people and you will achieve unprecedented levels of engagement.

Purpose is everything. It drives your organisation, people and culture. Imagine an organisation that is actively discussing why it exists, what it wants to achieve, and the culture it needs to get there. That would be something.

There’s no set formula. We’ve never recommended the same approach twice. Your culture is unique and while there are some consistent principles the specific steps will also be unique.

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