Hello. We are

Team Focus.

We’ve been around for almost 30 years and we’re more passionate now than ever about helping you create great teams, leaders, and culture.

We’re a little different because we believe the philosophies that drive us are more important than our extensive client list, details about our talented and exceptional people, locations we’ve worked, or other data. Our philosophies have evolved as we have grown so we’re going to use this space to share our journey.

Ross Judd

We started in 1988

Yes, 30 years ago. We started with delivering interactive outdoor activities, in fact the company was originally called Corporate Outdoor Activities. This is important because it means we are first and foremost facilitators that work with the behaviour of the individuals in front of us rather than presenting concepts designed in a classroom.

As we grew we spent less time outdoors and more time facilitating teams, leaders, and culture. In 1997 we changed our name to Team Focus. This was important because it signified our shift from facilitating insightful activities to delivering complete transformation programs.

Since then our network of very talented people has grown and so has our commitment to the following principles:

  • We exist to provide guidance and coaching but you and your leaders need to transform your teams and culture. You are accountable for the culture you create. An external coach is just there to provide guidance and if they do too much the transformation becomes dependent on them and that’s not sustainable.
  • To achieve an amazing transformation you need to engage your people. Greatness is achieved when you all work towards the culture you need to achieve your purpose. Engaging with your people creates a great culture and ironically a great culture creates fantastic levels of engagement. It’s a win for everyone.
  • The unique qualities of your culture need to be recognised and this takes a flexible approach. We’ve never recommended the same process with different clients. We’ve worked with financial institutions, manufacturing, mines, retailers, even prison officers and we know that each client requires something different and unique.
  • Less is more. Keep your process simple and you will create far more impact. Over complicate it with statistics, charts, graphs, definitions, and too much data and it will meet resistance.
  • Your leaders are the key to a successful transformation. Focus on leadership because they are the people that need to deliver your cultural transformation. Your leaders need to deliver outstanding long term results.

Changing the world one culture at a time.

Our mission is to coach organisations to create an amazing culture. We’re driven to change the world one culture at a time because we know this will also changes the lives of the people involved.

We know just how much better life can be when you are part of a positive culture. We’ve seen lives transform and improve just because a company invested in culture. We also know that creating a new culture is one of the most rewarding things you will do.

We value courage, collaboration, and authenticity.

Courage is needed for the challenge of facilitating groups to build a new culture and challenge behaviour if that’s what’s needed. Collaboration because your people will need to be engaged in the process. It takes a team to create a great culture. Authenticity because it’s an essential component of greatness. Authenticity incorporates integrity and accountability which are essential ingredients for long term success.

We also place a high priority on partnerships. We are your business partner. We are only successful if you achieve your outcomes.

Building team through activities.

Team building activities are an integral part to developing your team culture.

To source your next team building activity we highly recommend contacting Team Building Made Easy.

Team Building Made Easy has a great service that assists you in sourcing the right team building activity for your organisation. And there is no charge for this custom sourcing service. We’ve had a great experience using them.

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